The Tier 5 – Temporary Workers Visas are accessible to all who want to come to the United Kingdom to commence short-term, temporary work. This category contains certain categories of Temporary Worker immigrating to the UK who do not qualify for a Tier 2 visa.

Tier 5 - Temporary Workers Visa Basic Requirements

A minimum score of 40 points for “Certificate of Sponsorship” and available maintenance (funds) is essential requirement for this type of visa

In the first instance, a prospective sponsor will apply to the UK Home Office to be granted a licence. When successfully licensed, a sponsor can apply for several certificates of sponsorship, which they can then present to the people whom they intend to sponsor. Once a prospective employee has been allocated a certificate of sponsorship, he or she will be eligible to apply for UK entry clearance.

Subcategories within this category, include visas for creative and sports professionals, charity and religious workers, government authorized exchanges as well as youth mobility schemes.

Tier 5 - Temporary Workers Visa Entitlements

Switching to other visa categories is not permitted and the maximum duration of leave is 24 months.

Eligible dependents will be admitted but will only be allowed to work in the UK if the principal applicant is afforded more than 12 months leave.