The Parent of a Child at School Visitor Visa is appropriate for parents who want to accompany their child to the United Kingdom while they attend school.

Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visitor Visa Basic Requirements


To qualify for a Parent of a Child at School Visitor Visa, applicants must:

  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves while in the UK, without recourse to public funds or working
  • Have a child who is studying at or about to start studying at an in dependant fee-paying day school in the UK or have a Tier 4 (Child) Visa
  • Meet the visitor visa requirements
  • Maintain a second home outside the UK
  • Plan to leave the UK at the end of the visit
  • Be able to meet the cost of their return or onward journey

Parent Of A Tier 4 Child Visitor Visa Entitlements

The visa can be granted for either 6 or 12 months. Thereafter, extensions may be granted for 12 months at a time until the Child reaches 12 years of age. Parents are not permitted to work and must be able to support themselves during their stay in the UK.