The Tier 4 – Student (Adult) visa is for students who anticipate commencing any post-16 education at a United Kingdom institution in a full-time course. The Tier 4 – Student (Adult) visa is accommodating and allows students to take part in both short- and long-term courses of at least 6 months in duration.

Students must have a confirmed offer of enrolment from a licensed education provider (sponsor) to qualify and be able to maintain and accommodate themselves (or be maintained and accommodated by a host) while they are studying and show that they are able to pay their course fees.

Tier 4 - Student (Adult) Visa Basic Requirements

There are some specific requirements that UK Home Office has set in which all applicants must meet to apply for a Student visa under the Tier 4 (Adult) category.

Applicants will be required to show that they have been accepted into a recognized course of study at an approved UK institution, licensed by the UK Home Office. Applicants will also be required to provide evidence that they have sufficient funds (maintenance) available to support themselves whilst in the UK without undertaking employment, other than part time or vacation work permitted for adult students.

Tier 4 - Student (Adult) Visa Entitlements

Only Successful applicants would be granted a visa in line with the duration of their initial course of study.

The Tier 4 – Student (Adult) visa gives the student the benefit of developing an educational base in the UK while being permitted to work between 10 to 20 hours per week during term periods, depending on the course of study. Tier 4 – Student (Adult) visa holders are permitted to work full time during vacation periods without seeking further permission from the UK Home Office.

In some instances, graduate level students may be able to switch into a working visa category that could lead to settlement in the UK.