The Short-Term Study Visitor visa is intended for visitors who wish to take short courses of study of up to six (6) months duration in the United Kingdom, e.g. short-term English language courses, but do not wish to take part-time work or extend their visas.

Short-Term Study Visitor Visa Basic Requirements

To come to the United Kingdom as a Short-Term Study visitor, applicants must have:

  • been offered a place on a course at a UK educational institution,
  • sufficient funds to support yourself without working or help from public funds,
  • sufficient funds to fund their return or onward journey,
  • if under 18 years of age, have made arrangements for travel and stay in the UK and have permission from their guardian or parent(s) to study in the UK.

Short-Term Study Visitor Visa Entitlements

If successful, visa holders will be allowed to enter the UK for up to six (6) months to eleven (11) months, depending on the case to pursue the short term course.

They are not allowed to undertake part-time work and will not be able to extend their stay in the UK as a student visitor.