The Tier 1 – Investor visa caters to those who wish to invest a substantial sum of their wealth in the United Kingdom and also make the UK their main home. The investment must be productive and generate wealth for the UK economy.

The Tier 1 – Investor visa is initially granted for a maximum period of three (3) years, allowing the applicant to conduct market research and identify an appropriate business to invest in. This visa is extendable, assuming all relevant requirements are satisfied, and it may eventually lead to permanent residence and UK Nationality.

Tier 1 - Investor Visa Basic Requirements

To qualify for a Tier 1 – Investor visa, applicants must have at least £1 million of their own funds which is held in a regulated financial institution that is disposable in the UK, or have personal assets which, taking into account any liabilities, have a value exceeding £2 million. Under this category, they are exempted from the English language and available maintenance (funds) requirements.

Under this visa, visa holders can work in the United Kingdom, however there is no absolute requirement that they should work.

Tier 1 - Investor Visa Entitlements

This visa is initially granted for three (3) years which can be extended leading to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Eligible dependants may also qualify to be included and upon obtaining the visa, they may also work or study without any restrictions. ILR entitles individuals to permanent residency in as well as visa-free travel to and from the UK. ILR holders may also be able to sponsor their non-British relatives into the UK and may also ultimately be eligible to apply for British citizenship.